What is an Internal (also known as female or insertive) condom?

The Internal condom is a thin pouch inserted into the vagina or anus. It is often referred to as a “female” condom, but it can be used by people of any sex or gender for safe vaginal and anal sex. It blocks sperm from reaching the egg to prevent pregnancy, and also protects against STDs. This type of condom is disposable and should be carefully removed and thrown away after use.

Who uses Internal condoms?

People who want STD protection and pregnancy prevention.  It’s also used by people who want to use condoms but are allergic to latex (Internal condoms are made of nitrile or polyurethane).

How do I use Internal condoms?

This condom can be inserted into the vagina or anus before having sex. It is a tube-shaped condom with a flexible ring on each end. The inner ring at the closed end is used to insert the condom inside the vagina or anus and to hold it in place during sex. The outer ring at the open end of the sheath remains outside the vagina or anus. The penis is inserted into the open end of the condom. This video has a good demonstrationDo not use this condom at the same time as a traditional (“male”) condom because the friction from the two materials rubbing together can cause them to break.

Where do I get Internal condoms?

You can get Internal condoms at the supermarket, pharmacy, or from trusted online sources (like a pharmacy website or from the manufacturer). You do not need a prescription or an ID to buy condoms. People of any age can buy them.

How effective are Internal condoms at preventing pregnancy?

The Internal condom is 79% effective with typical use; with perfect use, Internal condoms are 95% effective for pregnancy prevention.

Do Internal condoms protect against STDs?

Internal condoms will help protect against STDs. For those at higher risk of HIV, Internal condoms can be used with PrEP (a daily pill that reduces HIV risk) for extra protection.

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