What is the ring?

The ring is a flexible combined contraceptive vaginal ring.  It is a hormonal birth control method that uses both progestin and estrogen.

Who uses the ring?

People who can remember to change the ring once a month. People who are okay with inserting the ring into their vaginas.

How do I use the ring?

You insert the ring into your vagina on the same day each month and take it out 5 or 6 days before this day each month to allow yourself to have a period.

Where do I get the ring?

You can get the ring by making an appointment at your local family planning clinic.

How effective is the ring?

The ring is 98-99% effective when used as directed.

Does the ring protect against STDs?

The ring does not protect against STDs. Using a condom along with this birth control method is the best way to protect yourself against STDs.

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