You will begin to see lots of changes during puberty. Some of the changes that you will see are:

Deeper voice- Most boys will begin to hear a change in their voice. Your voice will begin to sound deeper than normal and may crack while talking. This is normal and will stop with older age.

Adam’s Apple- Boys will experience a growth in their larynx or ”voice box.” When the larynx is growing during puberty, it will stick out in the front of the throat; this is called an Adam’s apple.

Growth of genitals- During puberty, the penis and testicles grow and develop. The penis will become longer and wider. The testes will also grow larger, and some boys may begin to notice that the scrotum seems lower too; this is normal.

Erections- Puberty is also a time when boys will begin to notice an increase of erections. An erection is when the penis fills with blood to become enlarged and stiff. An erection may happen due to sexual arousal or for no reason at all. Erections can happen at any time and are normal.

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