Are you planning to visit one of our clinics? Good for you! That means you’re taking charge of your health.

Here’s what a typical visit is like:

Your first stop is the front desk. Here, we’ll ask for:

  • Your name and otherĀ  basic information
  • What kind of appointment you want or need.
  • Whether or not you have health insurance — if you do have insurance, please bring your insurance card.
  • Your household income and family size, so we can figure out your discount.

No insurance? No problem. You don’t need insurance to visit a family planning clinic.

Next, you’ll meet with the family planning specialist who will ask about your family medical history and your own health status.. This is your chance to tell us what’s on your mind.
You can talk with the specialist about:

  • Birth control, either starting on a method or trying a new one
  • STD testing and treatment
  • Pregnancy testing and options counseling

Our specialists can also help with issues like:

You’ll see one of our nurse practitioners. Even though you’ll talk with a nurse practitioner, you can usually get birth control without an exam.

Your last stop is the front desk. We’ll explain your charges, if there are any, and we’ll help you work out a payment plan.

We will always figure out a way to make our services affordable for you. And we will never turn you away if you can’t pay for your visit.

Ready to schedule a visit? Find a clinic near you.



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