Maine law says that you have the right to expect confidentiality when you get services for:

What does confidentiality really mean?

Federal rules assure your confidentiality if you get care at any family planning clinic or if you have MaineCare. That means you can access all of these services without anyone else finding out.

You should know that nothing prevents other health care providers from telling your parents about your visit and sharing your health care information. Also, if you use your parent’s or spouse’s health insurance to pay for services, you may not be able to keep the information private. Be sure you talk to your health care provider or insurance company about their privacy policy before you get medical care.

There are also situations where confidentiality may not be possible. If a health care provider suspects child abuse or neglect, including sexual abuse or if you say you’re going to hurt yourself or someone else, then all health care providers are required to report the situation.

And remember…

Even though you have a right to confidentiality at family planning, talking to someone you know and trust about what you are going through can help.  If you aren’t ready to talk to your parents, find another trusted adult or friend.

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