Excuses, Excuses is one of the short scenarios on the Two Seconds DVD.

Two Seconds is a short dramatic film created by Maine teens in partnership with Project AWARE and Maine Family Planning. Project AWARE is a Maine-based nonprofit that uses movie-making to support youth in having a voice and making a difference.

The movie tells the story of three teens struggling with relationship and sexual health issues. The title of the film, Two Seconds, refers to how quickly a person’s life can change when certain decisions are made – often at the spur of the moment and with little thought about the possible consequences. Two Seconds also symbolizes that moment when a person decides to make a healthy change that improves his or her well-being.

Two Seconds is one of several movies created through this project. The DVD also includes four short scenarios designed for use with evidence-based sexuality education curricula.

You can watch Two Seconds and the four short scenarios on our Vimeo channel.

Discussion Guides for all five movies are available here:

This project was made possible through a generous donation from the Rocking Moon Foundation with additional support from the Maine Department of Health and Human Services.

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